Roxanne (born Dolores Rosedale on March 20, 1928) was a model and actress. She was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She was the blonde assistant on the Bud Collyer-hosted version of Beat the Clock. Roxanne was replaced by Beverly Bentley in August of 1955. She also gave birth to her daughter Ann in December of 1955. Roxanne did not use her surname in her professional work.

Roxanne had a doll fashioned after her which was called, naturally, "The Roxanne Doll". It was a hard plastic doll which stood 18-inches tall. It had moveable legs which allowed the doll to "walk". they were manufactured circa 1953 by the Valentine company. The blue-eyed doll had a Beat the Clock tag on the doll's wrist and came with a miniature red camera. Roxanne would give away these dolls to the contestants' daughters on Beat the Clock.

As of February 2013, Roxanne is alive and well, living in Minneapolis, Minnesota.